COVID-19 Vaccine


BioTav is in the process of developing an attenuated live vaccine for SARS-CoV-2, based on a modified, asymptomatic version of the virus. Leveraging the safe and proven serial passage attenuation method, previously validated through a veterinary vaccine for a different type of coronavirus, the BioTav vaccine is expected to show extremely high efficacy compared to forecasts for other vaccines currently in development.

Additionally, unlike recombinant and nucleic acid vaccines that can take 10-12 months to develop, when successful, the development of an attenuated live vaccine can take as little as 5-7 month to develop. As both development and regulatory aspects are based on a safe and proven biopharmaceutical approach, FDA and EMA Class II classification, BioTav’s vaccine provides a faster path to protective immunity in the race for a COVID-19 vaccine.


Live attenuated vaccines against viral diseases are commonly used and have been proven very successful and safe. Based on validated attenuation methodology, the safety potential of the BioTav vaccine is very high.


Replicating the natural infection that they help prevent, without any of the symptoms, attenuated live vaccines create a strong and long-lasting immune response to the whole virus.


Based on methodologies that have been previously approved by the FDA and EMA, showing lower risk to patients, the BioTav vaccine will be classified as a Class II devices, ensuring shorter development and approval time.