Utilizing natural properties of organism to develop new treatments for cancer and infectious diseases

We are a part of an industry that tends to move fast, even more so in light of the novel coronavirus pandemic. We will do our best to keep our colleagues, research community, and general public up to date with ongoing activities, news, and events.

  • In the process of building a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for production of vaccines and other biopharmaceutical solutions in accordance with GMP standards
  • Moving fast towards developing groundbreaking solutions for COVID-19
  • Developing a highly effective attenuated live vaccine for the novel coronavirus pandemic
  • Establishing techniques and methodologies for the rapid development of innovative treatments and solutions for Emerging Infectious Diseases  (EIDs)

The cornerstone was laid for building beginning on 14.5.2020 for 4,200 sq meter production facility in Israel.

Participates (left to right):

  • Mr. Lahav Yirmi – Project Manager
  • Mr. Katzir Shlomo – Head of Sagi 2000 Industrial Park
  • Dr. Saar Yair – Founder & CEO
  • Mr. Betzer Eyal – Head of Jezreel Valley the regional Council
  • Mr. Barda Eliyaho – Migdal Ha’Emek Mayor