About Us

Leveraging three decades of research, development, and manufacturing of various solutions for emerging infectious diseases, BioTav is based in veterinary medicine and adapted to human medicine. The company has been implementing the ‘One Health’ approach to innovative and develop breakthrough solutions and has acquired unparalleled knowledge and experience in the field. Led by a highly experienced expert team, familiar not only with the relevant biology and pathology, but also with the market and regulatory climate, BioTav is currently developing an oncological viral treatment for brain tumors, as well as a vaccine and treatment for COVID-19. With provisional patents in hand and applications pending, a top-of-the-line production facility operating in accordance with GMP standards, and an elaborate network of connections with top institutes and government offices, BioTav is uniquely positioned to transform the manner in which emerging infectious diseases are treated.

The Team

Dr. Yair Saar


  • Expert in veterinary biologicals QC
  • Established GMP facility since 1995

Michael Spevak


  • Head of Fermentation and Lyophilization Department Biovac Ltd. Veterinary vaccines, Israel (1997-2012)

Arie Rothman


  • Operations Manager at Biotav Shield since 2018
  • Quality Manager at Degania Silicone Ltd (1986-2006)

Shoval Marco

QC Manager

  • Meigal research laboratory (2016-2018)
  • Biotav QC laboratory manager (since 2018)

“Since 1796, when English physician and scientist Edward Jenner established the efficacy of the very first vaccine after proving that people inoculated with cowpox became immune to smallpox, the link between veterinary medicine and human medicine has been the source of countless breakthroughs. It has inspired treatments for HIV (from the feline FIV), HPV (Human Papillomavirus based on research conducted on cattle), and recently, malaria. History has taught us that in order to overcome our greatest biological threats; we must adopt the 'One Health' approach to knowledge sharing among professionals in the fields of veterinary and human medicine.”