About Us

The Biotav team has more than 30 years of research and development experience, focused on combating various infectious diseases and the production of innovative new drugs. The company applies its unparalleled knowledge to solving complex problems in the production of unique biopharmaceuticals capable of fighting the most dangerous diseases.

Adopting a “One Health” approach that recognizes the interdependence of human, animal, and environmental health, Biotav achieves breakthrough results by adapting its extensive experience in veterinary medicine to human medicine. The most advanced products in the company’s portfolio to date are an oncolytic viral brain cancer drug and an oral COVID-19 vaccine.

Biotav’s multi-disciplinary team has expertise both in the relevant areas of biology, pathology, and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, and in market and regulatory issues. The company has worked in strict compliance with the requirements of c-GMP and the European Pharmacopoeia from the outset.

With provisional patents and pending applications, a first-class GMP manufacturing facility, and a strong network of relationships with leading medical institutions and government agencies, Biotav has all the right ingredients/ elements to implement its unique products into medical practice.

The Team

Dr. Yair

Founder and Chairman

Expert in veterinary biologicals QC

Established GMP facility since 1995

David Freiden-

Co-Founder and CEO

Strategic global executive leader 

Extensive experience leading key growth initiatives in the tech industry

Prof. Nati Keler

Chief Medical Consultant

Omer Barnea

Chief financial officer



Head of Fermentation and Lyophilization Department Biovac Ltd. Veterinary vaccines, Israel (1997-2012)

Gal Katz

Marketing Manager

Extensive experience in sales, marketing communications, negotiations and strategic planning.


Dr. Ron

DVM, Pre-Clinical Triales

Meigal research laboratory (2016-2018)

Dr. Neta Zil-Bar

QA/QC Manager

Monitoring, inspecting, and improving organization quality standards.

Verifying products compliance with MOH regulations.

BSc in animal science and D.V.M – Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


R&D and laboratory manager

Leading new products development and solutions

Planning and implementing new protocols and programs 

BSc in animal science , Tel-Hai Academic College

Yarden Man

PMO Operations Manager

“Since 1796, when English physician and scientist Edward Jenner established the efficacy of the very first vaccine after proving that people inoculated with cowpox became immune to smallpox, the link between veterinary medicine and human medicine has been the source of countless breakthroughs. It has inspired treatments for HIV (from the feline FIV), HPV (Human Papillomavirus based on research conducted on cattle), and recently, malaria. History has taught us that in order to overcome our greatest biological threats; we must adopt the 'One Health' approach to knowledge sharing among professionals in the fields of veterinary and human medicine.” Dr. Yair Saar, Founder & CEO