COVID-19 Antivirals

BioTav is working toward creating the first over-the-counter COVID-19 remedy, based on non-human antibodies, also known as immunoglobulins Y (IgY). This revolutionary, passive immunization method is highly effective in treating upper respiratory infections and diseases and will be administered by means of a mucosal nasal spray when early signs of the infection are present.

Immunoglobulins extracted from egg yolks are purified, concentrated, dried, and reconstituted into a spray, providing a hyperimmune solution much richer in antibodies than any plasma-based alternative.


The safety of immunoglobulins Y (IgY) has already been proven for treating infectious diseases, prophylaxis, and immunotherapy, ensuring safe administration of non-human antibodies.


The high concentration of whole-virus antibodies obtained from non-human sources enables the manufacturing of hyperimmune solutions that provide effective passive immunity.


A widely distributed, over-the-counter passive immunization solution can expedite the healing process of patients with deficient immune systems, which fail to produce a timely immune response.


Treatments based on immunoglobulins Y have previously been approved by the FDA, classifying the BioTav nasal spray as Class II, and enabling shorter development and approval time.